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About Me


Ethan Edward Coston is a recent graduate of UC San Diego, where he received a B.A. in Political Science and minored in Sociology. He previously served as managing editor, assistant news editor, and policy reporter for The Triton, an independent, student-run, digital-first news nonprofit at UC San Diego, where he built the Title IX/sexual misconduct reporting beat and expanded the student government beat to include the actions of statewide student advocacy, the UC Regents, and the state legislature.

He has won two legal settlements with the University of California system for withholding sexual misconduct records from the public. He also wrote a story about a former professor who sexually harassed a student, which sparked a campus-wide conversation about the information students receive about their professors. As a direct result from his reporting, a sexual harasser was fired from a volunteer position at a local trauma intervention nonprofit.

He is invested in data journalism, data visualization, and how publications display their content online, because it affects readability and reader interest in the topic. He received a data visualization certification from UC Davis on Coursera using Tableau. He also has experience with web design and digital presentation of news. As managing editor of The Triton, he acted as web producer, in addition to many other roles. He rebuilt the website using a Wordpress theme and knowledge of HTML and CSS to make the site more graphics focused and more engaging for readers in January 2020. In September and October 2019, he redesigned the website for the satire publication The MQ using the same principles.